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Roadian HTX

To improve drainage and hydroplaning performance on wet roads, the Roadian HTX humidity 5 has a four-channel groove design oriented forward. The three and four division tread designs increase wear performance and grip. Better cornering and handling are achieved with the reinforced shoulder block design, and optimal grip and steering performance are achieved with the center rib block design.

The Roadian HTX tyre is perfect for light trucks and sport utility vehicles (SUVs). Its symmetrical tread pattern enhances handling and stability on a range of road conditions. Wide grooves are also present for better wet grip and all effective water drainage.

Mileage and Performance Roadian HTX

The Roadian HTX is an improved highway terrain tyre designed for SUVs and LTs that offers better mileage and snow traction than its rivals. Through the use of 3D sipes, which are tiny grooves on tyre surfaces that improve traction, it provides better tread grip and handling ability even in the snow.

The cooling pin design on the shoulder block also helps to stabilize driving by efficiently dissipating heat produced during driving, extending tyre longevity even in high-speed driving conditions. In addition, sidewalls can be identified by applying graphics with varying themes on the outside and interior, giving drivers the option to install sidewall designs that best fit their tastes.

SUV/LTR Luxury Highway Terrain

We have been successful in maximizing the braking efficiency and steering stability of Roadian HTX tyres by the careful calibration of the tread, guaranteeing a suitable and consistent contact patch. Besides raising the bar for performance, this elegant design reduces road noise and makes for a quieter traveling environment. Moreover, the four principal water dispersion grooves facilitate the rapid removal of water from the tread region. This feature guarantees a dependable and safe drive even on rainy roads. Furthermore, the increased resilience of the tyres tread composition contributes to its overall durability, providing improved driving conditions over a prolonged length of time.

In All Weather With Roadian HTX 

Because of its symmetric tread design and all-season tyre formula, the tyre has excellent all-weather traction and holds the road well in dry, wet, and even cold conditions. They guarantee excellent on-road performance and improve road grip. The four-channel circumferential grooves remove water from beneath the tyre footprint, preventing hydroplaning. Year-round driving safety is ensured by the improved water evacuation and road gripping ability.

Comfortable Driving With Roadian HTX

All year long, safer driving is ensured by the improved precision, driving stability, and steering responsiveness. A comfortable driving experience is provided by the Roadian HTX. A two-ply polyester casing and twin steel belts strengthened with spirally wrapped nylon make up the interior construction, which improves driving durability and reduces road vibrations. To the fullest extent possible, the tyre can operate because it retains its ideal form in opposition to driving pressure. The type precisely follows the road surface thanks to its two-ply casing, which reduces road vibrations felt inside the car and enhances safety and enjoyment throughout the journey.

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