About Us

We know your needs related to your vehicle, so Saif Traders is here to provide the best services for your car. Saif Traders, the best tyre shop in Lahore, provides you with a wide variety of tires besides providing quality alloy rims that liven up your vehicles and give you a smooth ride experience. We provide you with the best-experienced staff to ensure the repair of your vehicle. As vehicle services take time, we provide you with appropriate and quality services while taking care of your time and your pocket. 

Saif Traders Tyre Shop in Faisal Town, Lahore, solves all your problems. We believe that customer safety comes first, so we take our work very seriously and assure our customers that they are given quality work that will benefit them in the long run. 


Our Fundamental Objective

Our mission is not only to repair your vehicle’s tyres, but we also ensure that the tyres and rims we choose for your vehicle are safe and provide you with long-lasting benefits. When vehicle tyres get damaged or cracked while travelling on rough roads, they need to be replaced immediately and only a good tyre shop can provide you with reliable services. We can meet your every need. That’s why Saif Traders’ name is worth mentioning among the best tyre shops in Lahore because we know what you want and we provide it to you.


Trusted By The World’s Top Brands


Every brand trusts us for impressive, affordable, and unforgettable customer service. We expose our customers to a quality range of tyres tailored to their exact needs. We have all brands of tyres, wheels, and rims because we know what weather conditions and road conditions the tyres have to endure, and the more quality they are repaired, the better for you. After all, the tyre is up to you. They are the only means of communication between the vehicle and the road. Hence, we are considered the best tyre shop in Lahore due to our fast and reliable services.


What is our identity?

Our regret is our work. When you visit any tyre shop, the first thing you need to know is its goodwill. Saif Traders has earned a lot of reputation in the tyre industry on account of its work. The good conduct of our staff is a testimony to our quality work. You are only wasting your time and money at a substandard tyre shop. On the contrary, we provide you with high-quality tyre services at reasonable prices. That is why we are given the title of the best tyre shop. This is the reason for our popularity. 


See The reason why We Are Exceptional To Our Clients

Using the latest technology, our staff assures the customer that their vehicle is in safe hands. Sometimes the tires have a minor defect and sometimes some problems cannot be resolved. But we feel the need to worry about this because we know how to deal with all kinds of problems as the best tyre shop in Lahore.

Director's message

We established ourselves in 1994 as an Importer and distributor of tyres and alloy rims to meet the needs of the times. Over more than 30 years, we have constantly improved our brand range, delivery of products with better customer experience and exceptional aftersales services. We commit to continually strengthen our position as the dominant independent wholesaler in Pakistani tyre replacement market.