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With the Geolandar tyres, you may go where the road stops and have unending experiences. SUVs, 4WDs, and Utes may all benefit from the Geolandar exceptional traction where others hesitate to go. It offers comfort, low noise, off-road traction, long tread life, durability, and on-road handling. With its unique compound created especially to make sure it is appropriate for a wide range of surfaces, the reinforced casing which is available in PC and LT constructions has enhanced resistance to cuts and chipping, temperature variations, and wear. While other tyres are designed to get you where you’re going, only Geolandar tyres are designed to go far. Everywhere you want to go, a Geolandar tyre is prepared to accompany you, be it a dirt road, an asphalt road, or no road at all.

Design And All Seasons Tyres

A 4×4 all-terrain tyre with excellent traction in all circumstances is the Geolandar. It has an Enduro Compoundthat was developed to promote damage resistance and off-road toughness.

Edgetec and circumferential grooves are the two distinct types of grooves found in the Geolandar tread design. The purpose of the edgetec grooves is to produce additional cutting edges to boost traction in winter conditions, while the circumferential grooves are designed to prevent aquaplaning by providing superior water evacuation.The tread pattern also has triple 3D sipes, which alter form as the tread wears and preserve biting edges throughout the tyres lifespan, to boost confidence in the all-season traction made to be resilient to a wide range of situations and provide good performance all year round. When the temperature drops below seventy degrees, a moderate amount of natural rubber is utilized to prevent tyre hardening.

Performance of Geolandar

The Geolandar is a highway tyre designed for regular SUV use. You can count on the Geolandar to provide outstanding mileage performance thanks to its remarkable treadwear rating. Wet safety and fuel efficiency performance have also significantly improved as a result of advances in rubber compound and silica technology. The ideal Grand Touring SUV tyre, the Geolandar offers remarkable mileage, assured safety performance, and outstanding road manners. If you frequently travel long miles in your SUV, this is the tyre you need. The Geolandar tyre is a high-performance tyre that offers great fuel efficiency and a long tread life.It has a solid track record of producing high-quality tyres. The Geolandar tyres state of the art construction and materials make it remarkably fuel-efficient and environmentally benign.

Benefits of Geolandar 

It is advised that drivers who go off-road occasionally use Geolandar tyres. Due to less air moving through the tread grooves, the tyres with this shorter tread depth can produce quieter tyres. Due to the reduced heat generation, this shallow depth also increases speed durability. The little grooves are enough for removing water from wet bitumen, even if they might not be ideal for a muddy trail. Because the tyre casing is more flexible, the tyre’s thinner side walls significantly improve ride comfort when compared to other terrain types.

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