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Econex-NA-1 uses an asymmetric pattern design that is exclusive to it. The drainage performance is emphasized in the interior pattern. On wet roads, a higher void ratio enhances drainage performance. In addition to reducing the noise produced by the lateral grooves on the tread shoulder, the expanded third portion of the tread radius also lessens the contact pressure of the tread shoulder.

Reducing Rolling Resistance With Light Profile 

Reducing rolling resistance is achieved by the short tread width design and light profile. Adaptability is highlighted by the outside design. Improved cornering handling is provided by the bigger pattern blocks on the tread shoulder. In order to minimize derived noise, a noise avoidance bar is placed on the outside tread shoulder’s lateral grooves to trap airflow. For a better wet grip, the wall’s chamfered groove pattern sacrifices the water layer.

These low-cost tyres are an excellent choice if you have a limited budget or are simply searching for an inexpensive tyre alternative to sell a car on, get through Saif Traders, or just get you started. Although there are countless inexpensive brands with creative and imaginative names available, our purchasing crew deliberately selects only the finest. We search for availability, longevity, convenience of fitting, strong EC ratings, and quality. It’s highly probable that a brand-new car will have summer tyres installed since they work best overall throughout the year’s seasons.

How Do Summer Tyres Work Better In The Summer? 

Summer tyres are made with high-quality features that are advantageous for driving in warm weather thanks to the technologies and tread patterns employed in them. In order to provide high traction and grip on both dry and wet roads, they usually use a softer rubber compound.

Specification of Econex NA-1 Summer Tyres 

A tyre specifically made to fulfil the demands of the summer is the Nankang Econex NA-1. Two important components of the vehicle are strengthened side zones and a flat block tread. There are two distinct performance regions in the asymmetrically constructed pattern:

  • Section of the inner tread assists you when circumstances are not favorable. The water’s drainage efficiency is improved because of the wide gaps between the stones. This guards against uncontrollably slipping and aids in keeping the track stable.
  • During manoeuvring, the car is supported by the compact outer blocks. On turns, the large shape offers additional control and stability. The solution makes driving more enjoyable and gives you the confidence to drive.

Comfort throughout travel is the main design goal of the Econex NA-1. Tyre noise can be decreased with the help of the carefully cut outer blocks and optimized tread radius. As a result, the vehicle’s interior is more comfortably quiet.

How Do Summer Tyres Get Made?

During the warm months, summer tyres maximize driving pleasure and safety. Compounds in tyres constantly soften in the heat. Compared to other tyre kinds, summer tyre compounds are tougher. On damp terrain and in rising temperatures, they offer good handling. However, they ought to stay sufficiently supple to ensure comfort while driving. For you, that translates to less tyre friction and increased fuel economy.